Shared CFO Services

We offer a Chief Financial Officer service via a contractual arrangement, which can be full time, part-time, interim or on an online basis. We can work independently or alongside an existing CFO.External CFOs can add a new perspective, ease the existing CFO’s burden during busy periods (like a reporting season) as well as conduct a third-party enquiry of irregularities and mistakes.We're not just number crunchers. Working with SMART CFO offers additional benefits that an in-house finance department can't always provide.

Annual Budgeting, Cash flow

Annual Budgeting , Cash flow

Cash Management

Financial Planning


Annual Budgeting, Cash flow

  • Budgets and plans as required (annually or quarterly)

  • Budgets for reinvestment of firm profits in people and infrastructure


Financial Planning

  • Your Financial Reporting & Dashboards…… Get visibility of all the numbers in your business so you can make better, faster decisions...

  • Reporting on firm performance to investors

  • Board reports and presentations (Quartelry, HALF Year, Fully year, Annual Reports & Group Reporting)

  • MIS Dash Board & KPI’s (with Financial and non-financials lead and lag indicators)                                                                                                       (Click Here to view Financial Dashboard)

Cash Management

  • Cash flow forecasting and monitoring

  • Develop pricing and fee structures

  • Drive cash flow through management of Lock Up 
    (debtors and work-in-progress)

  • Implement and follow through on credit control procedures for clients



  • Manage finance and accounting functions

  • Weekly / monthly cashflow management

  • Management of all finance and accounting staff, recruiting, Mentoring, training and guidance, performance reviews

  • Creation / Implementation of procedures and policies

  • Engagement with external accountants for tax advice and forecasts of income tax liabilities

  • Engagement with suppliers of IT and other infrastructure

  • ERP and functional system implementation

  • Contract negotiations

​With over 20+ years CFO experience working across industries as diverse as Retail & Ecom, FMCG, Manufacturing, Hospitality & Facility Management, Healthcare & Media & Entertainment SMART CFO offers industry-specific financial services that allow your business to reach its full potential. Our aim is to add value to our clients' operations through advice, guidance and hands-on support, leaving you free to pursue your business goals with confidence.We work on a retainer basis, meaning that your expenditure in relation to compliance is capped, simplifying your cash flow management.