*Important Update* Stamp Duty

Starting from 1st July, *Stamp Duty* is getting applicable at the Instance of Investment.

*Whom it’s applicable:* On all categories of Investors. Individuals, HUF, NRIs, Corporates & Non-Individuals.

*Scheme’s applicable:* All.

Equity, Debt, Liquid etc. Applicable on all categories of Mutual Fund Schemes.

*Type of Transactions Applicable:*

Purchase, Switch, SIP, STP, Dividend Reinvestment, Units bought on Exchange.

*Stamp Duty Rate: 0.005%*

Eg: 500 Rs. Stamp Duty On 1 Crore of Investment transaction starting 1st July.

Mutual Fund shall deduct the Stamp Duty from the subscription amount paid by the investor & allot units for the Balance amount.

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