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We are Shared CFO Services with a strong network of associate partners providing a one stop solution for all your financial advisory needs especially for Startups, SME's and Companies in need of a CFO.


In today’s complex and uncertain markets, companies require accurate and timely corporate accounting. But more than that, they need financial advice that gives certainty and assurance. SMART CFO is a specialist firm of experienced Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Business Consultants. We deliver exceptional financial and commercial expertise to enable business to seize opportunities for growth, change and success. CFOs and Business Consultants are engaged full time, part time, project, interim,  outsourced or supplemental basis specifically to suit the business needs.

We also help our Clients in accounting outsourcing & tax filings services for temporary period till the time the Client is able to recruit & build the team. We also help our Client to select the right candidate and then do a transition of the knowledge to the team.


Driving significant improvement to our clients financial health through innovative business solutions & supportive implementation, while building enduring business partnerships.


To provide financial advisory support to Start-up's & SME’s & help them in establishing their business.


  • Quality CFO level services .……Partners personally spearhead projects


  • Quality advisory support backup for clients


  • Quality in-house research by experienced professionals

  • Team of qualified professionals with diversified expertise in accounting, management reporting, taxation and finance management;               

  • 20+ Years of CFO experience in MNC’s and Large Corporates                                                                                                                                   

  • Full knowledge about the regulatory environment in India                                                                                                                                 

  • Specialized in providing services to small and medium businesses.


Attention to detail, correct and timely information and our strong commitment to personal service ensures that you receive a superior and satisfying experience.

SMART CFO’s one stop solution offer services far beyond standard accounting practices. Our easily accessible team of experts with diversified skills ensure that client’s financial and tax position are considered throughout the year not just at tax time. This helps business owners make better decisions, grow their business and plan for the future.

SMART CFO has developed a strong network of Associated Partners covering all fields in legal, finance and investment.  As such, we can ensure sourcing the best advice wherever and whenever needed.